Looking for a different board game? table ball 3d for you. table ball offers an excellent gaming experience with advanced visual effects. eliminate enemy balls rolling on the table, prove yourself by winning gold and prizes. produces enemy balls on the console at the other end of the table. because the table is inclined, the balls roll towards your defense area. if you remove your finger from. Dublin decorative tray and orbs balls set of 3, centerpiece bowl with balls decorations matching, rustic decorated spheres kit for living room or dining coffee table, gift boxed (brushed silver). Pe teacher mike ginicola shares how to play table ball to spice up your striking unit for grades 3 6. after 18 years of teaching volleyball to my grades 3 6 classes, i was getting bored with it. i happened to come across a twitter post with a video of a game called table ball by a colleague in my network (bart jones – @exercys). now that. In table ball, the server rolls the ball across the table to the other player. from that point, it's important to remember "table, floor, hands, table, floor, hands, etc" the ball rolls off the table, the other player lets the ball bounce on the ground only once then hits the ball back onto the table. A good pool ball set will let you hit the perfect shots with ease, without damaging or streaking your pool table.